Neve Behind The Lens

Today I sent Neve out with my camera to capture just how much the babies have grown and how ready those ewes are to deliver.  She’s been doing “butt checks” (checking for any ladies with broken waters or emerging lamb) several times a day for me anyway, so she was happy to add the camera work.

She and Maddie also do a midnight butt check for me – our thinking is that if by midnight they aren’t showing any signs and we don’t disturb them too much then they probably won’t lamb before morning.  We’ll see how this works out.  I’m calling it the “lazy peoples’ approach to lambing”.

Amelia looks closest to lambing – her udder is enormous and her flanks are totally hollow (in humans we say the baby “drops”, in ewes is gives them a hollow look about the flanks).  She’s been looking this way for a few days now, and according to when we think we saw her bred her due date was yesterday.  So….. any time now.

Piper also has a fairly big bag – kind of surprising for a first – timer.  Which makes me think she is fairly close to lamb as well.


Furble has adjusted well to life as a farm cat.  She hangs out most days with the chickens.


Sweet Caramel!!!



All milking has stopped since I have been sick.  It makes me sad, actually.  We’ll try to pick up again soon, but I’m not sure it will work out after such a long break.  The babies sure aren’t complaining!


Aster and Basil.


My favorite thing – kid in bucket!!



Doesn’t Miss Amelia just look ready?


Piper.  See that udder and teat back there?

Starting Saturday we’re expecting several days of colder temps and rain.  I hope they go before then.



2 thoughts on “Neve Behind The Lens

  1. Neve did a wonderful job with the camera. Great camera angles and an interesting expression on ole Furble. I’ll bet Neve would write interesting captions, too!

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