Spring Seedlings

First,  I should say that internet access at our house has been spotty; the ongoing Cyber Attack that has been in the news has affected people and websites everywhere, and we are no exception.  Whether or not I can access my blog host is hit or miss lately, so bear with us until this works itself out.

Onward to spring!

This past week I finally started my tomato and pepper seeds inside.  I used the tutorial from By Hand Magazine, found HERE to make soil blocks.


The crazy thing is that I had sprouts the next day!


The garlic I planted in the fall is coming along nicely, and I am seeing sprouts from the arugula I planted outside about 2 weeks ago now.  I planted carrots, beets, peas, and radishes as well.  I’m not positive, but I think I saw the faintest hint of beet sprouts starting.

In a few weeks – once we’ve past our last frost date – I will direct – sow the squashes and cukes along with  potatoes and horseradish.  I plan on buying a bunch of berry plants this year as well to get them started.

Paul’s been hard at work clearing the remaining tree trunks so I have a larger spot for the squash garden and all of the wood burning we’ve been doing means we have lots of wood ash to add to the soil with the compost.  Hopefully we’ll add bees in the next few weeks as well and our garden should fare much better than past years.

In the meantime we are airing out the house whenever we can and slowly putting away all of our winter clothes and boots.  Everyone is happy to see the warmer weather return and I’ve got an itch to make dresses and skirts.

Summer really is just around the corner.

We’d better get a move on if we want to be ready for it!




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