May Day!

It’s finally May!  Hopefully this means soon my tomatoes seedlings can be transplanted outside.  We’ve still been getting temps dipping into the 40’s at night and I am rather restless for that nonsense to stop!

It also means that all of the local hay people are just about out of their stock of last year’s hay and are soon going to be making their first cuttings.  Now that Paul’s splurged on a tractor, we decided we could stock up on a big load of hay at the cheaper prices.


As you can see, we made out pretty well!


Oona and Neve ran around begging us to make a giant hay maze for them.

All I know is, there’s nothing like seeing a solid store of feed for your animals to get you through for awhile.  I am going to be thrilled come winter when I don’t have to move giant wheel-barrow loads of hay out to the pasture by hand!

Tractors, as it turns out (duh) are a wonderful thing.  I’m wishing we bought one sooner.  After digging out the front garden last year it was absolute heaven to have the tractor do all the work this year digging up the giant squash garden out back.

The other wonderful thing right now is LILACS!  Every year my lilac bush gets just a bit bigger (making me wish I had planted dozens more with it!) and I spend time smelling the blooms and wishing I had enough to cut big bunches to bring inside like we used to when I was growing up.


Looks like I am not the only one who likes lilacs!!!!