Difficult Days

Today we were forced to say goodbye to our darling little Beatrix.

She had a bit of diarrhea the last two days, and despite treating her with everything we could, she had passed on when I went to check this morning.

Losing animals is always difficult; it’s especially hard because since we only had two lambs this year we got to know both of them well, and spent a lot of time with them.

I have a call in to the vet to be sure there was nothing else going on I may have missed.  Darby and Amelia are doing wonderfully – they are still penned out in front of the house on grass and I am loathe to put them back out in the field now.  Since there is no grass back there yet it has gotten very muddy with the heavy rains, and I worry that may have contributed to Beatrix’s decline.   Amelia is also still very skinny despite the grass and grain, and I fear she shouldn’t go back to a hay – only diet at this point.

I pray everyone else stays healthy and the heat and mud don’t become more of a problem for anyone.  I have been out to the field four times a day to check on everyone, and I am having to fight the urge to just stay out there all day now.  But, having me fret over them constantly won’t help, either.  These things happen despite our best intentions and care.



My heart is very heavy today.

We’ll miss you Beatrix.