Sewing Camp

Since Susan has been staying with us while we work on getting her house packed up we though it would be nice to have a weekend where we could simply enjoy each others’ company and get some crafting done.

Our friend Tanya came up from Roanoke, and our friends Lisa and Erin came in from town.



Maddie kept little Marie occupied and happy so Lisa could work on a dress for her.




Creative mess!



We had plenty of good food as well, as is to be expected when this particular group gets together!  This was our brunch.  Gluten free crepes with fresh blueberries, maple whipped cream and brown sugar breakfast sausage.


Tanya made us a delicious burrito dinner with lots of fixings.

We all worked hard on our various sewing projects, but we spent plenty of time chatting and catching up as well.  I’m not sure anyone finished any of the projects they brought, but we all made some good headway on them.

This coming weekend we are having a sale at Susan’s house to clean out all of her stuff.  It will be sad, but good.  She’s moving to a smaller property and focusing on keeping only things that are meaningful to her.

Busy busy busy!

One thought on “Sewing Camp

  1. What fun – no surprise that things didn’t get all done but then again sewing was only the excuse to get together =) You are such a great friend to Susan, your friendship is a rare thing! BTW – would you share the crepe recipe??

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