This Morning in Pictures

Well, it’s not oppressively sunny and brutal, but it’s pretty humid and yucky out.  The sheep aren’t doing too badly with it, but they’re still not totally comfortable.

I tried to do a little garden weeding and maintenance, but as you can see, it’s kind of a losing battle.


But the sunflowers are doing well anyway.  From what I can tell, the sweet potatoes seem to be thriving as well.  Hooray for small miracles!


Miss Adelaide is getting into the habit of getting stuck in the fence every morning.  Even though she has two giant tanks of fresh water easily accessible to her, she wants that water in the blue tub outside the fence.


Pretty much sums up goats.


Sweet Caramel.  Who is actually not so sweet anymore.  She’s decided she doesn’t like people.


The infamous Milkshakes.


Lovely Miss Hannah.


Darling Isobel.


Martin. As you can see, the Angora goats are looking forward to their fall shearing.




Well hello, there!




Alabama, hanging out in one of his favorite snoozin’ spots.

They are all ready for this wet, muddy summer to be over.  I can’t really blame them.  I’m kind of ready, too.  Their hooves grow ridiculously fast when it’s like this and it’s difficult to keep on top of when you don’t want to constantly round them up and stress them out in the heat.

Plus once it’s cooler and shade isn’t such an absolute necessity at all times, we can pen them into a smaller section and blanket the field with more grass seed.

For now let’s hope that what is left of summer doesn’t come back and smack with with any record heatwaves, shall we?

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