Whole Lotta Lovin’ Goin’ On!

Sheep week may be over for most people, but we still have no shortage of ovine happenings around here!

LambCam is still up and running and is more or less a permanent fixture, at least through lambing.

And speaking of lambing, Susan and I convinced our friend Tanya to join us on an adventure to pick up a ram yesterday!


His name is Francis, and he is a gorgeous Border Leicester we are borrowing from the best darn shearer around, Emily the Amazing!12.18.13d

Our colored sheep are Border Leicester like him, but we are also breeding him to the Cormo ladies and the Cormo/Southdown ladies.  I can’t wait to see what the babies will look like!


He’s a little stand-offish with us bi-peds, but I can’t blame him, considering we’re the ones who stuck a halter on his face and put him in the back of a truck for a four-hour drive home yesterday.


He’s definitely not crazy about the dogs, and head-butted Cini pretty hard when he got too close.


He’s smitten with the ladies, though.  There’s been plenty of sniffing and nuzzling.  I haven’t seen him actually accomplish the deed, but not for lack of trying!

The real obstacle to Francis getting an ewe loving is really Samantha.  You know, the dairy goat.  She’s having a bit of confusion about this interloper.  She’s been swinging back and forth between ramming him, biting his wool, knocking him off any lady he tries to breed (and then trying to breed them herself), and snorgling up to him like she just can’t get enough of him.



The poor, hormone-addled, confused girl.

Keep an eye on the LambCam, and with any luck, we’ll have lambs by May!