Everyone Loves Tanya!

My wonderfully sweet friend Tanya came and stayed with us this weekend so she could have some visiting time with us before the holidays, and to see Susan and accompany us to our friend Lisa’s Christmas.

We also managed to talk her into staying an extra few days so we could take a trip up to Ikea and pick up Francis the ram.

Tanya’s visits are always lovely and calming, but this time she did something extra special for me.


She made- MADE -Susan and I each one of these felted pin cushions.  I can’t even tell you how much I love this.  I would love it even if it was store bought, but the fact that she crafted it herself makes it so much more meaningful.


She made it to look like an English manor house (knowing how much I like all things English!)  Check out the walkway.  And the little chimney and smoke!  You know what’s even better/more amazing about the bushes and smoke?


They’re pins!!!!!!

I truly have some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and I am going to be more mindful every day to tell them so.

Tanya?  I love you!  You’re awesome!

If you’re interested in where the idea came from or to make one of your own, you can buy the pattern HERE from the talented designer, Mimi Kirchner.