Olympic Winter Knitting

We’ve been thrilled around here to once again have the Winter Olympics on tv to enjoy.  Even better, we’ve had actual winter weather to go along with it!

And so, there has been much knitting.


This is the Cypress Cowl from the JMF Marlowe pattern book.  I also knitted the matching hat for my friend Julianne, but sadly forgot to take pictures because I was in such a hurry to get it sent off to her.


I also knitted up the Amalthea Cowl from the JMF Moonshine pattern book.


This is the Cypress Cowl again to show detail – I just love how it looks, and the yarn (Marlowe) might be my new favorite silky soft yarn to knit with.  I want to make a massive blanket from it with which to wrap myself up!


I’m also spending a lot of Olympic viewing time working on my Shepherd sweater.  There’s a knit-a-long going on on Ravelry and seeing everyone’s progress has really pushed me to try and get further along.


I just love the cables.  It might be slow going for me, but it’s incredibly enjoyable in the meantime!
I’m hoping to be able to wear it at least once before winter is totally over, but I am not counting on it.  I’m just thrilled we’ve actually finally HAD a winter this year!  We’re trying to enjoy every moment of it.



2 thoughts on “Olympic Winter Knitting

  1. YAY your Shepherd is looking AMAZING!!! It’s such a fun knit, isn’t it? Just so enjoyable to work on 🙂 Little by little, and it’ll be done before you know it!

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