Seed Season!

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!


We order all of our seeds from Baker Creek – they sell only heirloom varieties.  This means no GMO’s, and no ties to Monsanto. For the last few years I have been studiously avoiding any and all seeds from companies that you would generally find in places like Target or Lowes, as these are almost guaranteed to be connected somehow to them.  The only thing I cheat a bit with are herbs – I tend to buy herb plants at Lowes since we don’t have a lot of other options.

I am now officially impatient for spring (which means we’ll get one last huge snowstorm to close out the winter, right?).

Some years by this time I’ve had my earliest spring seeds already in the ground, but this year has been colder and snowier (there were still patches of mounded snow on the ground as of yesterday).  I’m feeling pretty confident, though, that soon – very soon – I’ll be putting these first seeds in:


Here’s hoping for a fruitful and easy year of growing!


4 thoughts on “Seed Season!

  1. Ha! I live in Arlington and every time I think I have the weather figured out , it fools me. If I order drought resistant varieties, based on the past several years, we will have an uncommonly cool and wet summer. If I order varieties for cool climates we have record breaking numbers of 100 degree days,with no rain. I can’t believe anyone can make a living being a farmer, and I am eternally grateful I don’t have to support my family from my pathetic garden. Not that it stops me from trying over and over……best of luck to you!

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