Lose An Hour, Gain An Hour?

As everyone knows, we sprang forward this weekend.  And it hurt.  But, that’s what happens when you’re still awake at two a.m., socializing and playing Settlers of Catan with friends (it’s quite possible we didn’t get to bed until around 5 this morning…….but if that were true I definitely wouldn’t admit it!).

The morning end of this change is not great; it means it’s a bit darker in the mornings for awhile.

On the evening end, though, it feels like we’ve won more weekend.  We can push back evening feeding an hour or two, making the overnight stretch between feedings shorter.

Despite our lack of a full night’s sleep, Paul found inspiration and energy to get outside and do some yard work (which is very, very sorely needed right now!), and Oona kept him busy playing with her in between chores.  Having the gift of  a very warm day certainly helped.


Tevye, the rooster.


Orzo and the other dogs were enjoying the sun and warmth as well.  He is turning out to be the same kind of perpetual happy that defines his half-sister, Sabine.


We even spied some daffodil bulbs starting to push up!  I got some ranunculus bulbs to plant in there this spring, and I submitted my order to Baker Creek for our gardens this spring.  We’re due for a decent gardening season, right???


Last year’s lambs have gotten big! Rosamund back there is almost as big as Cosmo now.




Hopefully spring sticks around for awhile and summer doesn’t push in too soon or strong.

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