Red Lady Skater

This weekend I was very excited to finally try out the Lady Skater Pattern from Kitschy Coo.

I had bought some red organic cotton from specifically for it and couldn’t wait to cut into it.  I mean, seriously – a dress that’s made to be flattering out of easy-to-care-for and comfortable tee shirt fabric?



I am super happy with it.  I did have to take it down a few sizes from where I thought I should be.  Even after measuring it was too big the first go around.  I honestly could probably even take another inch out of the waist area, but right now I am just enjoying the swing of the skirt and the softness of the fabric.


I haven’t hemmed the bottom yet; with knits like this it’s best to wear them a few times to let the fabric settle out where it’s going to fall before adding a hem.  Also, it was a pretty clean cut so I may not need to hem at all, if I don’t want it to be super “finished”.  It’s got a tiny bit of a natural “roll” right now that I am kind of digging.


I really want to make one in every color now.  I think this one is going to look fantastic with my Shepherd sweater once it’s done, in all its creamy oatmeal-brownness!


And shut up about my hair.  I know it’s waaay overdue and my roots like terrible.

I’ll get to it.



2 thoughts on “Red Lady Skater

  1. Yes, this is a really great pattern! I am trying all kinds of modifications right now because I am so happy about the fit.
    I think it would look even better on you if you raise the waistline a bit so that it hits the narrowest part of your body.

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