Duck, Duck, Goose!

This morning I got a call from the post office that our order of ducklings and goslings had arrived!

We all very excitedly got out of bed, got dressed and headed into town to pick them up.  We could hear them peeping as soon as we walked in, and it was an awfully cute ride home, with Neve nearly dying from the adorable.


Yes, poultry comes in the mail like this!


We got 3 Khaki Campbell ducklings, 3 Rouen ducklings (all female), and 3 Pilgrim goslings (1 male and 2 female).




Female gosling.


Rouen duckling.


Male gosling.




Khaki Campbell duckling.


We set them up in the brooder and Agnes has been guarding them ever since.  Mostly she just stands and watches them; occasionally she’ll hiss if one of us tries to pass by, but she’s easily brushed aside.  All talk, that one. It will be fun to see how she handles them once they are grown!

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