Lamb Update

At the last update we had 9 lambs.  At the conclusion, we have 15.  It’s quite a nice number; we could have wound up with so many more.  As it turns out, there were ewes that we thought were bred that were not, and not many twinned.


Our last lamb to arrive, Esmont (ram)!  He is Margaret’s lamb.


Knightsbridge.  See his “X”?  It kills me!  He and his twin Wimbledon are Lyra’s babies.


Cant enough enough of him!


Perivale, a ewe lamb born to Bootes.  Neve calls her “Bat Lamb” because of the coloring around her eyes.  She’s technically colored flock since her mama is a colored ewe and she’s not completely white.


More “Bat Lamb”!


Keswick.  He and his twin, Brunswick, are Bennett’s babies.


Jubilee and her hilarious ears, with Brunswick peeking out from behind Esmont.


Staunton and Chesapeake.




More Jubilee.  Because I couldn’t help it.


This was the best picture I could get of Wimbledon; he kept nursing off of Willoughby, who is decidedly NOT his mama.  She didn’t seem to mind.

As I’ve mentioned before, the best time to check in on lambcam is after 6 pm.  That’s when they have their “play time”.  It’s really not to be missed!


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