Saturday in Lambs

I cannot believe how fast the lambs are growing! They seem huge to me now!


Wembley is quite a character out there (and yes, they have all started nibbling on hay already!).  She enjoys hopping on top of the dog house and chewing on clothing.


You can’t turn your back on that one!


Everybody loves a good lamby cuddle.


That X!




Who, us? Troublemakers?


Wembley the nibbler strikes again!



Some of the lambs are already getting too big for Oona to pick up.  Actually, I struggled a bit picking up Staunton today.  We’re trying to enjoy their little-ness while we can; soon they’ll be headed into the general population with their mamas, and after that, everyone will be put out of the winter pen onto……..GRASS!!!!!!

Yes, we are finally getting nice and green in the pasture.  I can’t even tell you how happy this makes everyone.  I can’t wait to look out and see a happy flock grazing on grass.


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