About A Kitten

Not so very long ago, a stray cat made her way into my friend Amy’s barn and gave birth to three kittens.  I’ve watched the status updates and pictures and videos Amy posted and tried to avoid falling in love with the little marmalade one. I was almost safe when it looked as though a home had been found for her.

Alas, she was simply meant to be ours.

May I present our newest family member, Piccadilly the kitten (as opposed to the lamb of the same name!).









The kids are spending their days fighting over whose turn it is to hold her.

She has settle in rather well; we are keeping her in Oona’s room until she’s been cleared by the vet for contact with the other cats.  She spends a lot of her time curled up purring in a lap, but also very much enjoys playing with strings.

Neve keeps saying “I didn’t know they made them so tiny!” Oona is still in disbelief that we actually have her.

However, Paul is the one that’s easily the most in love.  He comes home from work and snatches her right up to cuddle.  He’s hoping she’ll be his lap cat.

Pippa desperately wants to make friends with her (and perhaps lick her all over).

If I’m lucky, the other cats will like her as well.  But I’m not holding my breath.


4 thoughts on “About A Kitten

    • I think it’s the all orange ones and this one has quite a bit of cream relatively speaking – I may be confusing things and hopefully someone with more knowledge speaks up!

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