A Late Summer Wedding

Brace yourselves – this post is picture-heavy.

This Saturday my father got remarried in a beautiful location in the Hudson Valley.  I drove up with Maddie on Friday and we met up with our brother, who we hadn’t seen in over a year. It was immediately the most fun we’ve had in ages.  Sibling sleepovers are  more fun when you’re adults.  It doesn’t hurt that my brother is the funniest guy I know. My abs hurt from giggling so hard.

Before the ceremony Saturday we struck out for Kingston to explore the town we had spent so much of our childhood in (well, Caleb and I anyway; Maddie’s been a Virginia kid since she was a year old).  It was surreal and weird to be there and see it all again.  So very little had changed, except that it looked so very much smaller than when we were children.  We had several spots to visit, as we moved around a lot during our time there.


Every corner we turned was an “oh! Remember?”  It quickly became a delightful day together, just the three of us, reveling in nostalgia.



The Old Dutch Church was a highlight; I’d always loved its architecture and history, and this time we got a tour of the inside. I still miss hearing its chimes throughout the day.




While driving past my old elementary school I remembered that there was a stunning view just over the hill.  Standing there, I remembered why I miss New York State so very much. The landscape simply speaks to me in a way that no other place does.



I was surprised to see the ruins of the old Hutton Brick factory still in place near Kingston Point Beach.  I was even more surprised to discover that the beach itself is still, in fact, covered with old bricks that have washed ashore.



After the beach we hit the Rondout Strand area for a quick lunch.  Or it would have been, if not for the worst service and even worse food.  Oh well, can’t win then all, right?

It did mean that we had to scramble to get back to the resort in time for the wedding.  Fortunately, we were able to make it in time to shower and change just in time for the ceremony.


The resort is backed by the Esopus Creek, which made for a lovey setting for a wedding.


My aunt, Diana, sang during the ceremony (and made us all cry).


Crying or not, I still made faces at my brother up there (he was best man).  I think he was ignoring me.


Julie, the bride, was radiant (as brides should be!) and I especially loved the tartan ribbon she wore about her waist. That’s her son to the left of her.  I think that means I have a new sibling?  And he has an adorable 18 month old daughter.  I have a step-niece!


Maddie looked beautiful, as always.


Looking at this picture, I think it’s apparent they will be very happy together in the years to come.

I hadn’t been to a wedding in ages, and I’m happy to say it was a wonderful time.  My cousin Jim came, and having him there along with my brother made my whole weekend.  Two days and a looooooong drive back home later, my heart is still full from their company this weekend.  I need to make sure we connect more.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Here’s to many years of happiness ahead!


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