New Year, New Bully

Last week we started school again, and amidst all the new books and pencils we discovered a new challenge:


She’s pretty aggressive, this one.  Biting pages of books, pouncing on reading assignments, clawing her way up legs.


She’s the ultimate distraction in our classroom.


Who, me?

She’s the perfect combination of adorable and diabolical.


The relative calm of our mornings are punctuated by cries of “aawwww!  OW! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”


I’ve lost count of how many pencils we’ve lost to her. You think she’s sleeping nicely in that basket? Think again!





The worst part? As soon as we are finished with our lessons for the day she DOES curl up in that basket and sleep soundly like a little angel.

All worn out from her mischief.

This year’s gonna be challenging.

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