How To Spend A Perfect Fall Day

What do you to to enjoy the perfect combination of a Sunday afternoon, gorgeous weather, and beautiful leaves?

Hopefully your friends have their annul fall get-together/birthday party like ours do!


Lisa and Will’s farm is seriously scenic and the ideal setting for a fall party.  We sat under these picturesque trees by a fire and feasted on fresh oysters, apple cider, sausages with sauerkraut, and pumpkin muffins.



Our friend Tanya drove up as well, which made the day even more special.


Check out the log stools!  I’d really like to do this at our place; Paul’s not convinced (in other words, too much work for him right now).  They made fantastic seating for today, though!


Oona and Neve wore themselves out running around the farm with all of the other kids, playing on the hammock, and in that awesome hay fort.

Meanwhile, look at the leaves!!!!


Then there’s the pond…….I’m rather smitten with Lisa’s pond right now.


I mean, really.

I’m not sure it’s actually possible to get more “fall” than we did today.


Look at this lovely little road next to the gorgeous pond.  Now imagine walking down it, leaves crunching underfoot, the smell of a wood fire hanging in the air, while you sip your apple cider.




Today I am feeling so very fortunate for days like today.

Here’s so many, many more.



2 thoughts on “How To Spend A Perfect Fall Day

  1. yes, the 2nd pic of the pond is monet-en-virginie

    may i say how happy i am to see everything you do, Amy. You must have invented 36-hour days. It is especially astonishing to see all the animals transplanted to MM Farm & thriving without a glitch. Who could fail to love the dogs as much as the sheep … & there they all are, thriving more than ever.

    orzo now looks larger than lucy his mother? she is such an amazing, lean & saucy little girl. Does she remind you of a naughty can-can dancer from the 1890s in paris?

    if i were to start reciting all the things you do so well, the list would never end. So i’ll just hover now over these beautiful pictures. You are a marvellous photographer. Rest of list to follow later …

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