Finished: Alabama Chanin Top

Every day after school this week, Neve and I have been cutting and sewing.  I have such a backlog of projects, and I’m trying to work through all of them while also keeping in mind I want to make a Minoru for my trip to Europe.

I did cut out the fabric for the yesterday; hopefully I’ll get to sewing it a bit tomorrow. Today was a no-sew day, since farm chores were pressing (but I DID get watermelons, green beans, zucchini, Long Island Cheese Pumpkins, and White Pumpkins planted today!)


Neve got some pictures of me hard at work (I thought she was taking pictures of the cat). Also, that top I’m wearing is a Renfrew I made last month.


She says she wants this to be a big bolster pillow.


I managed to finish a top I’d been working for a few years (!!!!!).  It’s from the second Alabama Chanin book (still my favorite of all of them) and when I finished up the last bit today (the armhole. seriously, it took like 15 minutes…..why did I put it off so long?!) I could see how much my technique has improved since I began it. SO much less sloppy these days!  It’s nice when you can see progress in your work; especially since I still feel like so much I do ends up disappointing me.


I love everything about this. The colors, the shape, the stencil.  It uses a “Relief Applique” style I really like; it gives the stencil a more interesting look.





The back.


The details can also help hide little flaws, like that this side piece is made up of two separate pieces.

I have a whole lot more pieces like this that are in various stages of doneness, and my goal is to get them at least mostly complete this summer. They’ve been languishing too long!

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