New Pen, Nearly Complete

Paul has spent a lot of time outside working hard to get a new fence in place.  As of this evening, it’s about 99% complete.  Paul has some finishing “Orzo proofing” touches to put on it first. And by “Orzo proof”, I mean, “cross your fingers”. We think we’ve got it worked out, but we don’t want to be overly cocky.

It’s a fairly small pen, given what our needs are, but we are going to do it one section at a time, as we can afford it.

It did make me very happy to bring the flock up and put them out on fresh grass this evening while Lucy ran around and played without being tethered.


A very impatient Orzo surveys the progress.





Oona likes how the new gate is looking.


Lyra and Willoughby



Alabama and Carina


The flock and dogs will spend the winter in this pen while we work on the remaining fencing and property.  For now, I am going to enjoy sitting on the front porch and watching my lovely flock graze.

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