And A Soggy New Year!

I had plans for some cute holiday-style pictures with the flock, but alas. Too much rain and mud.  I was able to get out very briefly the other day during a rare dry spell and get some halfway decent pictures of a few of them, but otherwise we’ve been stuck inside.

It’s not rained at all today, and the sun came out finally, so hopefully we will be drying out to an acceptable level soon!




The one bit of good news with all the rain is that the back field is getting pretty green. I’m glad we have been able to rotate everyone out front for awhile and give the pasture a chance to rest and recover and grow.  Then of course there is the issue of shoring up the fencing out there before we can put the flock back out.  For now, it’s nice to see that it’s not a wasteland.


And now, because the internet was clearly created for cats, I give you gratuitous feline pictures!


My little Miss Dilly.  She’s been spending quite a bit of time at the vet lately.  A few weeks ago we noticed a lot of bruising on her.  According to her bloodwork, her immune system was attacking and destroying her platelets, so her blood was unable to properly clot. She’s been on steroids and antibiotics, and will go back in a week or so for more bloodwork. She’s doing pretty well, and she’s the easiest cat ever to medicate, which is a blessing!, but I still worry about my little baby cat.


Sweet and cuddly Widget.  This little guy is the lap-lover we’ve always wanted. Most days he travels from lap to lap, sampling everyone’s cuddle offerings before deciding who he will settle in with for the long haul.


Baby Poppet. We’ve been calling her “Miss Schnurrbart” (schnurrbart being German for “mustache”).  That tiny little white upper lip just kills me with its cuteness. She can be very sweet and snuggly, but not nearly as much as Widget. She’s got a much more bossy, independent streak to her.

The older two kitties boycotted pictures. They are tolerating all the kittening happening here lately, but it’s clear that they feel we should be very grateful for their graciousness.

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