Breeding Season Begins!

Early this morning, before the sun had risen, and the kids were still sleeping in their candy comas, Emily came and delivered a very handsome little ram.  It was too dark for pictures, so I went out a little later to check on how everyone was adjusting.


It had been maybe three hours since the new addition, but it seemed like the rest of the flock was more concerned with making sure they consumed enough hay than worrying about the intentions of the new guy.


Carina was even hoping for more grain.


He’s a rather timid, but gorgeous Blue-Faced Leicester. Timid is good; it means he won’t be aggressive, or a bully. Sometimes that happens with rams, especially if they were bottle babies. A timid but sweet ram will have nice babies.




Sabine on duty. She made sure to sniff each and every inch of our new visitor before relaxing back into her spot in the hay.


Before he arrived, we made sure we were stocked for winter. I always rest easier when I see this out front.  I’ve been giving the ewes extra grain for awhile trying to get them ready for breeding, and since I’m not putting them back on grass until spring, I love that we have a strong supply of the best hay for them.


In other news, these two have been seen together quite a lot lately. Flapjack still hangs with the pigs and takes his regular meals with them, but now Zydeco has joined them. The farmyard and its social life seem to be more complex and changeable than I previously realized.

Now everyone cross your fingers and hope our sweet temporary ram gets the job done!


One thought on “Breeding Season Begins!

  1. Ooooooh, he’s pretty! We are covering our ewes with a BFL ram this year too! Our girls are CVM/Merino mixes and one is CVM/Wensleydale. It was a bit of a hard decision this year because we are going for wool and meat so we like to go with larger rams, but our newest ewe is tiny (she comes from smaller lines, but ended up tiny-er than anyone expected) and we were worried about over-sizing her breeding and causing lambing issues. There was a CVM ram that I wanted to use, but he was too big for her. We have never tried a BFL before, so it will be fun to see how the wool comes out. Do you always use a BFL ram?

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