Cats and Drinks

This weekend I had the house to myself while Paul and the girls were visiting family in New York.  Maddie came down and we went and had lunch with our friend Kim before heading to our friend Heather’s bridal shower.  We made candle centerpieces for the wedding while the host served us hot buttered rum. Um…Heather? I’m gonna need that recipe. 😀

When I wasn’t cleaning or spinning wool, or snuggling kitties (had them ALLLL to myself!) I was making some yummies for holiday consumption.

First was a pineapple-infused mandarin vodka for book club.


I got a large mason jar from Michael’s – big enough to hold 750ml of vodka – and chopped up some fresh pineapple. I covered it with a whole bottle of Absolut Mandarin, and it gets to sit for two weeks now. I can’t wait!

The second thing I knew I needed to make is Alton Brown’s Eggnog. This one will sit for a month or so – or until after Thanksgiving anyway.

The only change I made was accidental – I left out the rum.


I taste-tested before bottling it (it made a little more than 2 quarts) and it was delicious. I can tell after aging for a bit that it will be transcendent. I may have to buy some more bottles and make more!


Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised; you really can’t go wrong with Alton Brown!

Now that we find ourselves so close to Turkey Day I encourage you to try the eggnog if that’s up your alley. I’ll be poring over my recipes and planning and shopping for the big meal the nest few days.  Although we don’t have anyone coming (or at least, no one’s mentioned anything yet) I’ll still make a mountain of food. We gots to have our leftovers, yo!


“Did someone say turkey?”


“Mmmmmmmmm turkey!”


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