Day Off???? Yeah, right

So I stayed home from work yesterday to take Neve to the doctor to see about this whole diarrhea thing.  If only the day off could have been relaxing!

Mom’s dog, Sadie, has been with us the last 2 nights while they are in Va Beach.   Poor depressed Sadie – she’s a momma’s dog. She’s been sullen and dejected being at my place.

Anyway, I got up and took Sadie out.  She didn’t want to come back in.  I had to practically drag her.  Then I got my two miscreants out the door and put them in the pen.  I rigged a pole through the pen door where they’d been escaping and double checked to be sure they couldn’t move it.  It was a good secure lock.   So it’s 6:30 at this point and I am thinking I’ll go back to bed and cuddle with Neve until she wakes up.  Ah – nice warm snuggly bed with sleeping baby and some time to relax.   And then – barking dogs outside.  Those jerks must be playing, I think.  I look out the window – sure enough they are wrestling in the mud.  No big, I think as I lay back down, relieved.  With a day off, I can handle muddy dogs.  In fact, I welcome it.  A muddy dog is likely a panting, worn out dog, right?  The only worrisome part is the barking.  We can’t see our neighbors houses, but they are not that far away.  Surely they can hear that barking?  That incessant barking.  Then I realize it is not Zelda barking, it’s Pip – which is odd because normally Zelda is the one that barks when they play.  I look out again.  Zelda’s gone.  Pip’s frantically trying to climb out over the chicken wire.  Looks like no relaxation for me.

I slide back into my jeans, run outside and grab Pippa.  She’s going to need a bath – I figure I can do that later.  I bring her in the house and call Sadie.  Zelda LOVES Sadie.  maybe she can help me flush her out of the woods and convince her to come back home.  I snap the leash back on her and head outside.  Sure enough I can hear crashing and jingling in the woods – signs of Zelda running wild back there.  I notice it’s getting hot out – it’s not even 7 in the morning and it must be already about 70 degrees.  i also notice that I have a majorly itchy patch of poison ivy on my chest – no doubt from grabbing little Pippa puppies who have just come running out of the woods.  Great.

Anyway, after about 15 minutes of calling her, Zelda notices Sadie and comes running at her.  Sadie cowers behind my legs as Zelda attempts a full body slam on her, nealry knocking me to the ground.  I do my best to squelch the impulse to strangle the damn dog as I bring her into the house.  Afterall, I need her to think that coming to me is a good thing.

Ok, so both dogs go back in their crates, and I decide to make some coffee.  The girls are starting to stir anyway.  Much of the morning passes without incident.  The doctor says Neve probably is one of those kids with whom the heat does not agree.  No sign of illness or infection.  Keep her hydrated.  Easy enough.  So I pack the girls into the car to go get some gatorade and lunch.  Just as we are approaching the store, Neve pukes.  Really big time all over puke.  Emily screams.  I have no way to clean this up – no towels, napkins, zero.  I can’t go into the store and leave her in the car, but I can’t take her into the store either.  It’s a half hour drive home from Charlottesville.  Thank goodness the smell isn’t so bad.

Half an hour later we are home.  Neve, meanwhile, has fallen asleep in her puke filled car seat.  I strip her out of it as best I can and carry her into the house – smearing it all over myself in the process.  She does not wake up as I bring her into my bedroom and peel off her clothes.  Nor does she stir when I wrap her in a towel.  I get her mostly cleaned off and decide to let her sleep.  I’ll wash the sheets later.

I get about an hour’s reprieve.  Emily and I  put in Futurama and split a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python.  It’s lunchtime, afterall.

Then I hear Neve calling from upstairs.  Little miss diarrhea has struck again.  More poop for me to clean!!!!!

Most of the rest of the day I spend cleaning.  I give Pippa a bath, then clean the bathrooms.  Something about diarrhea in the house makes you feel gross all over.  The girls fight and make it hard for me to get anything accomplished.  There was about 20 minutes where I sat and watched Futurama with the girls.  The one with the bad Santa.  At one point Neve exclaimed “Yay!  Santa’s dead!!!” So maybe I shouldn’t so much let my kids watch it…….

By bed time I am completely worn out.  But, Pippa is clean and has only pooped once in the house (in the office, and it was NOT diarrhea, thank goodness).

Neve, Sadie and I snuggle into bed and I end up takeing meds at about 2 am for a migraine.  At 7 this morning I am up and getting everyone ready.  I get dressed for work and take Sadie out.  I go to get my two idiots, and there’s Pippa, fully poop caked and stinking to high heaven.

I have to be to work by 8.

I don’t have time for this.

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