Poop, continued

Last night I got home with the girls looking forward to relaxing after another soul sucking day at work.

Pippa had other plans.  She didn’t just poop.  She ground it into the bars of her cage.  She smooshed it all in her bedding.  She flung it in a 2 foot radius all aorund her crate.  The smell was noticeable as you climbed the stairs.  I took one look at her, tongue hanging out, tail wagging, poop ground into her fur, and burst into tears.

So anyway, out to the pen they went.  You see, the pen was “fixed” over the weekend , so they can’t escape.  What a LAUGH!  They were both out in no time!  But I couldn’t let Pip back in the house, because she was completely poopified.  So I rigged chicken wire as best i could to keep her in the damn pen.  Went back in the house.  Took FOREVER to clean the crate and carpet.  Pippa was howling the whole time outside.  Our neighbors aren’t too close, thank god for that!

So I FINALLY finished clenaing up this reeking nasty mess and by that time it was almost 8:00.

I took out the olive oil and fresh basil and stuff to make pesto for dinner and i heard Neve calling me.  That’s when I discovered that little miss diarrhea had struck again – in my bathroom.  It was all over the place, and all over her.

So, I wiped her down and ran a bath for both girls (since Emily was filthy from daycare).  Then I had to set about cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom.

So by 9:30 the house was relatively clean, the girls were clean and we were all very hungry.  And did I mention that i have to gt up at like 5;30 every monirng in order to get the kids and dogs coordinated and get to work on time?  And I am miserable on less than 8 hours sleep.

So my grumpy hungry little girls started fighting again.

I gave them cookies and sent them to bed.

And I was finally able to collapse at 10:30.

Will I ever get any free time?

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