My Dog the Dimwit

My dog is dumb.  And not in the normal “happy go lucky but not too bright” kind of way.  Sure, she is pretty “happy go lucky”.  She loves people (though she’ll knock you down trying to greet you and lick your face), she’s awesome with the kids (very gentle and lovey) and she adores the man of the house.  But she has no brain.  I mean it.  Paul thinks she is pretty smart because she’s learned pretty well not to go potty in the house and she’s learned how to behave on a leash (more or less).
But a few days ago I noticed that she has decided she’s afraid of her food bowl.  To the point where it’ll take her hours to eat because she has to stare at her bowl for awhile, approach it gingerly, grab a few morsels, quickly jump back away from the bowl and eat the food she’s taken.  And just this morning?  SHe’s standing there growling at it.

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