The Dreaded S Word

Yes, the “S” word.  The doctor uttered it today and I’ve been anxious and freaked out ever since.  I may, in fact, have to obsessively vacuum under everything first chance I get and make Paul sort the big piles of laundry while wearing gloves.
The “S” word in question is of course – Spider.  Specifically, brown recluse.  Last week Neve had a black bump on her cheek after playing outside.  Today her cheek is all splotchy red and swollen.  So the doctor thinks that’s what she was bitten by.  I am freaked out and horrified…..and terrified.  Luckily there’s no necrosis…..but I feel awful because it’s on her face, and I can’t imagine what I’ll do if it does become necrotic.
And now I can’t shake the “bugs crawling on your skin” feeling.
Between this and the smelly dead mice we found in the wall of Emily’s room I’m ready to move to freakin’ Iceland.

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