Rainy Monday

It’s Monday again.  Can’t you just tell how overjoyed I am?  Mondays always mean another week alone with the kids, another week of making sure the kids get carted around to the various and sundry activities that make up our week, when really I’d much rather stay in the house and snuggle the baby and knit.  Especially in the winter.  I love the cold weather, but I also love that it’s a good excuse to stay in.  But, even though it’s a rainy Monday, the temps are really mild in these parts right now so cold is no excuse this week for me.  I really need to get out into the garden and get it ready for spring.

I have a good reason to be happy this morning because I have bagels!  There’s a new bagel place about 2 minutes away from our house now, (this is huge – there’s been a real lack of any good food in this area for as long as we’ve been here) and the best part is, the owners are from New York!  I went in Sunday morning for the first time since they opened a few weeks ago and I felt like I was back north.  There’s bagels, pastries, NY hot dogs, cake……..I am so happy!  And I have heard rumors that they make real Italian bread.  We’ve been missing that sorely since moving down south.

And speaking of NY, go Giants!  My satellite was out (of course) but I caught the end of the Superbowl in fuzzy black & white  thanks to good ol’ bunny ears.  Need to get my tv in better working order.  Being alone can be rough and having the tv on (I know, it’s sad!) really helps take the edge off.  On nights when I am feeling freaked out for whatever reason I can turn on Discovery and feel less alone.

In knitting news, I just cast on another pair of socks, and I am still working on that sweater for Emily.  I may as well face the reality that it won’t be done in time for her to wear it this winter.  Oh well.  It’s ok.  While lounging on the couch last night watching the game with the baby asleep on me I looked over at Ems on the other couch.  There she was, laptop in lap, playing some game, all comfy and content, wearing the socks I knit her in the fall.  Now that is a happy mommy moment.

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