Yup.  Crap.

It’s 6:30 pm and Oona’s napping.  Which means she’ll be up ’till lord knows when.

And then there’s the actual crap I’ve been cleaning out of Emily’s room.  It’s from her hamster and it’s everywhere.  Also under her bed I found an old blackened banana, half a Heath Bar, many hundred old jellybeans, some ABC gum, several used and wadded up tissues, and 8 tons of other random trash.  It’s a damn good thing the cats like it under there so much or we’d no doubt have RATS in there.  Sheesh.

I’m not really in a bad mood, but since this post seems to be a whine fest let me add that I hate my unreliable satellite system and I need fabric.

But two things made me happy today.  The first is the morning glories that reseeded themselves from last year (I didn’t plant any this year, because even though they are my favorites, Paul doesn’t like the way they vine around the porch).  They grew up despite Paul’s aggressive weed whacking and are blooming on the side porch.

The second is a promise of fall just around the corner in the form of some beautiful little pumpkins in my garden.  I wonder how big they’ll get!

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