Happy October!

Welcome to my favorite month of the year.  Apples, pumpkins, crisp fall air, beautiful foliage and Halloween.  Perfect knitting atmosphere.  And if I am lucky, less stress than September was this year.   Emily had 3 fillings.  Neve had 6 (6!!!!!) fillings for which she had to be sedated and now she has 2 silver molars.  We didn’t come out of that cheap, I assure you.  Then the darn dog had diarrhea.  Then Neve did.  Then Emily did.  Then the cat got an upper respiratory infection.  Then we all got a nasty cold.  Then the dog got diarrhea again.  Noticing a pattern?  Oh yeah, and lice is going around.  Knock on wood, there’s been no sightings here.  On the mechanical front, you all know Paul had the engine incident whereby he almost gave himself a vasectomy.  Then after a heavy rain he got the truck stuck in the mudslide in our back yard (it’s actually the area beyond the driveway where 2 years ago Paul got a little over zealous with a borrowed bobcat and took down a bunch of trees and made a nice muddy slope.  Imagine the happiness that resulted for me.  And did I mention that he made the driveway into a massive gravel pit at the same time?  Fun for all, I assure you!).  Anyway with a little help from a neighbor we got the truck out.  I got to play with the winch.  Hee hee!  And just last night as Paul was getting a parts car delivered (at 9 pm, no less) the delivery guy overshot our driveway and the car had to be pushed so as not to roll into a ditch.  Which didn’t work out so well and our street ended up being blocked by the delivery truck (you know those big car carriers?) and the parts car.   The bobcat was called upon to save the day and tow the car out of the street.  Which it almost did.  Until it broke as well, leaving 3 vehicles blocking the street.  Good thing we have lots of understanding neighbors who are willing to help out.  Point is, September was full of fun and excitement.  Let’s hope October is boring and quiet!

In good news we got new couches on Craigslst.  Free!  Black leather, which we are dyeing chocolate brown using automotive leather upholstery dye.  So far it’s perfect.

So exciting!!!!

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