Finally Some Dirt

Well we finally got around to yanking everything out of the overgrown weedy front garden and filled it in with new dirt.  It took quite a few hours and was mercifully accomplished in the rain so as to avoid heat stroke.  We did manage to turn the front lawn into a mud slick with the bobcat, but since it was less “lawn” and more “dried up ugly brown patch” anyway, it’s ok.  We reseeded and maybe we’ll actually get grass now.

The verbena and lavender are no longer being choked out by weeds, the lemon balm has been wrangled back into a manageable size, and the japanese maple is in its permanent home.  I just need more pansiess and to finish putting in the bulbs.  Once that’s done it’ll all get a nice layer of lava rocks.

It looks way better without all the overgrowth.  I need to tame those roses a bit still, I think.

Also, I think I need a better camera.  Or I need to learn how to properly use the one I have.  But I think a new camera sounds better!

WIsh me luck _ I am speeding along on Emily’s Drive – Thru sweater and hope to have it finished by next week, despite the lack of a working satellite.  Don’t get me started on that.

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