Jack O’Lanterns

Or is it Jack O’Messes?  We had fun carving our pumpkins, but boy was it messy.  And it took like 3 hours!  Neve carved a little pumpkin all by herself, and Emily carved a fairly difficult wolf pattern into hers.  Mine had some gltiches, but I was pleased with it nonetheless.

Scooping out the guts.

These pumpkin guts are gross!!!!

More gut removal.

When does the Psycho music start???

A lovely little pumpkin, done all by herself.  DIsregard the dog snout nosing in rudely.

Emily, hard at work.

Starting out.

Oona didn’t feel like making it easy.

Part of the “G” fell off during carving.

The big mess.

Neve’s little lantern, all lit up.

Neve asked me to do this pattern as well.  She carved the bones.  Then Oona wouldn’t let her near me anymore.  (Jealous little baby!)

My poor not – quite – perfect pumpkin.

Can you believe a 9 year old carved these intricate wolves all by herself??

The proud artists with their masterpieces.  Currently 2 of the 3 are trying to fend off candy overload after a successful haul on Halloween night.  The littlest one was supposed to go as a toadstool mushroom (with the cutest mushroom cap hat!!!) but she refused to cooperate, so sadly she went trick or treating as a “cute little baby in a stroller”.  Oh well.  There’s always next year.

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