It’s Fall and I’m in Love

I can’t believe we’re into November already!  Autumn is my favorite time of the year and it seems to pass me by so quickly, especially when I have so much on my plate.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to pause and enjoy the leaves and the cooler air.  So while dinner was grilling on the back deck I walked aorund the yard a bit with Oona, who love love loves being outside.  There’s a lot more color this year around the house than there’s been the last few falls and we were out at twilight, making it even more dramatic against the setting sun.


I love that my driveway is long enough and that our house is set back enough that you can’t see the road from the front.  We’ve helped that a bit by planting some nice flowering trees along either side of the driveway, and hopefully they will continue to grow and thrive and look beautiful.


Yesterday was a nearly perfect day for me.  It was a bit on the soggy side, but that just happens to be ideal “sit by the fireplace and knit” weather.  Oona and I went out early and voted (no lines, either – don’t tell me there’s not advantages to living way out in the country), got our groceries, got some cleaning done and she laid down for a nap – all before noon.  I couldn’t quite believe my luck!  The rest of the afternoon was given over to baking cookies for a neighbor who expressed a taste for them at the block party, and who also has done a few favors involving my children, so the way I see it I owe them a bit.  Then we had a nice exciting – yet – somehow – relaxing evening watching the election.  The girls played while I knitted in front of the tv.  I’ve made quite a bit of headway on Emily’s sweater, though I am way off my projected completion time of several days ago.  It is, however, fun to knit and I am excitedly getting ready to start the yoke and the faux fair isle coloring.  It’s so close!!!


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