Another Day, Another Pie

The house is rather a mess but I feel quite a sense of accomplishment nonetheless.  I spent most of the day working on finishing up Emily’s sweater, and I should have pics of the final product before too long.  I’ve been calling it the “Gingetbread Sweater” since I started adding the color bands, since it’s a combination now of chocolate (or gingerbread) brown, pink and cream.  I hope she’ll like it as much as she likes the handknit socks.

It was a bit tough at one point working on it – Oona took a nice long nap today (she has a bit of a cold and a cough, so I guess she doesn’t feel so well) and the cats decided it was time to bombard me with attention.  At first I thought perhaps they decided for once they’d show their love and keep me company out of the goodness of their little kitty witty hearts, but no.  Nothing quite so cute and cuddly.  They were bugging me, as it turns out, because their food bowl had gone empty.  Brats.  But at least I got to take advantage of some Milo lap time.


He stayed long wnough for me to complete a couple of rounds of color and watch about an episode and a half of recorded Ghost Hunters before he decided I wasn’t going to give up the goods and he didn’t need any more snuggles.  He took up a post with Sushi in the hallway instead.


At least they didn’t puke in the doorway again.  It’s always fun stumbling in the darkness at 6:15 am to wake up your children for school and have your foot find a nice mushy cold pile of puke.  And what a lovely segue that makes to my evening accomplishment: the pie.


I’m full of pumpkin-y goodness here.  Oona’s fallen off early so I think I will grab myself a slice, cozy up on the couch, put in something non – children – y, and tie up the loose ends on that sweater.  But before I go, have another pie picture.  This one’s a cutie pie.


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