Sweet, Sweet Done-ness

I’ve spent all weekend feeling more unwell than I can remember feeling in a long time.  Blame it on the numerous tiny ugly germs my kids bring home from school.  Whatever the cause, the result is a total lack of anything being done on my part other than laying around feeling miserable.  However……..Emily’s Gingerbread Sweater is done!  Yay!  I feel so accomplished!!  (Nevermind the monumental pile of projects left to go)

Besides the sweater, I took some pictures of the girls raking leaves and playing outside.  The only comment I’ll make is that I am sick and was therefore no way involved in picking out their clothes.  This is proof that without me at the helm around here things don’t always go so smoothly!

First, the sweater:




Pattern by Wendy Bernard over at Knit & Tonic.  Yarn:  Plymouth Galway.

And raking leaves in outfits of their own design:





Happy Weekend!

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