Sneaky, Sneaky

Yes, I am still working on that sock.  No, I don’t have a picture yet. Soon, I promise!

We woke up to  nice fresh layer of actual snow this morning – shocking!!!  The girls got a 2 hour delay from school, but I went one better and just let them stay home.  Mostly because after the school called at 6:30 this morning (instant alert system – it ROCKS!) I went back to sleep and woke at 8:00 with Emily standing over me fully snow – suited up and ready to play.  Figuring this may be the only snow we get all winter I let them stay home to enjoy it.  I rarely allow them to stay home unless they are sick (doesn’t help my sanity to keep them home when they’re not too sick to misbehave!) so I don’t feel too bad about it.   Neve  (predictably) made me miserable most of the day by responding to everything I said with a petulant “that’s not fair!”. But Emily spent much of the day working on mastering knitting.  I’m so proud!  SO even though the snow had all melted by lunch time the day wasn’t a total loss, and I finished off the batch of sneaky brownies I made.  (They’re sneaky because they’re healthy!)

I bought a book about how to sneak healthy foods into your kids’ normal less – than – nutritious foods.  I’ve tried a few of the purees added to a few of my normal dinners, and so far, so good.  No one suspected the cauliflower hanging out in their mac & cheese or their meatballs.  Or the spinach chilling in their blueberry milkshakes.  But the best, my friends, is those brownies.  The recipe is directly from the book and makes use of the berry and spinach puree (as well as wheat germ and oats), and it somehow manages to still be one of the fudgiest, best brownies I have ever made.  I think the kids aren’t the only ones that are going to be getting a better dose of nutrients from now on.

Speaking of doses, I think Neve is going to over dose on tea.  She got a tea set for Christmas that she painted herself and we neglected to put it in the oven ever since (to set the paint and render it safe to eat off of), but I got around to it finally last week and she has been requesting tea for it several times a day.  I’m thinking of investing in some chamomile, given her normal energy level.


Think it’ll work?

Yeah, me neither.

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