And Now For a Crazypants Moment….

I know some people can’t understand why I would do this to myself.  I’ll just explain by saying I couldn’t resist.  I needed the kind of purry cuddles and social aptitude my other furbabies were unable to give.  Not that I don’t totally understand that, and I still adore my two scaredy furbabies.  But clearly we needed another one.


This is Jasper.  He’s about 8 months old and has extra toes (I have a weakness for kitties with huge feet).  So far he is very friendly and happy, and I hope he will be able to act as feline ambassador here when people visit, so that I don’t continually get accused of lying about owning cats.

You don’t think I am crazypants?  This hasn’t convinced you?  Just wait until I build the chicken coop and procure some hatchlings.  Maybe that’ll do it.

And now back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

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