I put a heaping amount of spinach, broccoli and wheat germ in tonight’s spaghetti and meatballs, and NOBODY NOTICED!  They gobbled up all that healthiness as if it were no more than the usual favorite.  I have to admit, I quite enjoyed it myself.  (Almost makes up for the fast food we had for lunch while out shopping with grandma).  And since I cannot make the evening too healthy, I’m off to gobble up some of the leftover Vienetta from Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day around here traditionally entails a large amount of Chinese take – out and some yummy dessert.  We’ve done it every year we’ve been married.

Now I’ll leave you with the Neve-ism of the night, as just overheard by me while she played with her barbies:

“I am beautiful, so you should RESPECT ME!”

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