And the Clouds Parted….

…and an angelic glow descended, and the heavenly choir rang out with The Hallelujah Chrous because dudes – I finished the socks.


Emily is the foot model here and of course the socks are a wee bit big for her, as they are for her grandma (mamaw, as Oona would say).

Funny thing is that these started off as a very enjoyable knit.  Then with all the cabling and charting they became a very time consuming I-need-to-finish-these-GD-socks sort of knit.  Then by about the heel of the second sock they became enjoyable again.  Mostly because by then I had more or less memorized the chart and knew what I could anticipate and it made for much less stop and go to refer to the pattern.


The cables make them a bit thick, so I imagine these are best as “house socks” to wear like slippers, or with boots or clogs.  The yarn is (of course) from Blue Moon Fiber Arts , my all time favorite supplier (or dealer, if you’re looking at it as the addiction that it is).    It’s Socks That Rock lightweight, in colorway Grimm’s Willow Wren. I think I’ve mentioned that before, but, you know, just in case.   The pattern is called Slippery from Knitty.

And, with those done, I am going to go stash diving and retrieve some nice self-striping sock yarn I picked up from Knitpicks and work on something quick and easy (though likely not tonight – Lost is on!!!).



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