Fathers & Daughters

Last week was the Father – Daughter dance for Girl Scouts.  It’s always a much anticipated event here, what with choosing a dress and the opportunity to wear make-up!  This year was special because it was Neve’s first year going.  Unfortunately they didn’t let me choose what they wore but I think it turned out well anyway.  At least they didn’t insist on doing their own cosmetic application.


Neve got mad while I was curling her hair, claiming I was making her look like George Washington.  Can’t please ’em all, I guess.

I did some sewing this weekend and finished 2 simple dresses from the Weekend Sewing book I got.


Not only do the girls like them but they asked to wear them to school tomorrow.  I’d call that a success.  I even agreed, as long as they wear sweaters with them.  Apparently that was unbelievably unreasonable of me, but at least it wasn’t a deal breaker.  They’ve been rather restless and unruly lately.  I’m guessing it’s the weather.  They’ve got cabin fever in a big way and having the weather starting to warm up is making them itch to be outside and more active.  It rained all weekend, so they were ready to bust.  So much so that Friday night it was obvious one of them had been playing with the Febreze (they sprayed it everywhere, and soaked my slippers with it.  And no, my feet don’t stink!) .  No one would cop to it so I threatened to not allow them to have ice cream.  At which point Neve piped up and said “Ok, I’ll tell the truth.  It is all Emily’s fault.

That’s my Neve.

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