The Thief

7:15 pm.  There’s laundry sorting to be done.  I fold up the clean sheets while balancing the phone against my ear.  Paul is in Vegas.  Oona is undoing the socks I have put together.  I turn my back to stuff the sheets into the closet.

7:17 pm (approx.).  Still folding.  Somewhat distracted by phone conversation, Chowder previews on Cartoon Network and the ever – present din of sisterly arguing.

7:18 pm.  Realize Oona has wandered out of the bedroom.  Must follow and make sure she isn’t eating cat food.  Again.

7:19 pm.  Discover Oona sitting in my chair at my desk, holding peanut butter cup that had been rather well – hidden behind sewing machine.  She must have a nose for this sweet and forbidden stuff.  She moves quickly to defend her treasure;  she loves her newest word.

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