Summer Trash

I’ve been amassing my trashy summer reading pile, and it has been waiting patiently on my night stand for me to break into it.  I discovered the virtues of buying used books on Amazon so I can satisfy my need to read.  Plus this fits the bill when I’m too tired to knit or sew but too awake to sleep.


This is my idea of some good summer reading.  Some Stephen King (there is precious little left by him that I have not read), some Jeffrey Deaver (I like the Lincoln Rhyme series), some spooky New York and New England folklore, some Umberto Eco, and Amy Sedaris, who cracks me up.  I also have Davisd Sedaris’ When You Are Engulfed in Flames on order as well.    What’s your summer trash look like?

There’s also the pile o’yarn that’s been growing all winter, waiting for me to make time to turn it into socks and such.  For now it just sits there and mocks me with its glorious presence.


Yes, it’s all from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They are my dealer of choice, after all.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that I am no serious yarn horder.  Don’t for a second let yourself believe this is the extent of my stash.  Or even a fraction of it.  Oh wait.  I think Paul may be around here somewhere.  I take it back! This is my whole stash!  In its entirety!  I swear there is no other yarn anywhere, and certainly not stuffed into the dark recesses of the closet or hiding out in the piano room! ~Insert innocent smiley face here~

Ahem.  Moving on.

I realized recently I have neglected to mention Mr. Poppy, our new hot air popcorn popper.  My girls were consuming mass quantities (channeling Jane Curtain here…) of microwave popcorn and I kept thinking about how expensive it was and how there’s lord knows how many chemicals in it.  So I got to thinking about the popper my grandparents had when they owned the hotel and decided to procure one for us.  Then we set out to buy straight up kernels and wound up buying a 50 lb. bag of them from Sam’s Club.  It’s a sickness, I know.  But Mr. Poppy makes lovely fresh popcorn and fills my kitchen with a nostalgic and lovely aroma from my childhood and the girls love it, even plain.


Believe it or not, in the 3 or 4 months since we got Mr. Poppy we’ve managed to plow through about a third of that 50 lb. bag, and considering there’s usually little to no salt or butter on it when we make it that means my kids are snacking healthier.  Between that and the spinach brownies I am feeling a tad less guilty about all the ice cream we’ve been snorting since summer began.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the cherry picking trip we went on today and all the fruit my children voluntarily ate!

2 thoughts on “Summer Trash

    • Nooooo…they’re yummy! Dark chocolate with pureed spinach and berries hidden in the batter….Makes for very yummy, chocolatey brownies with a hint of raspberry. You can’t even tell there’s healthy spinach in them! 🙂

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