The Taj Ma-Cluck (Or is it Cluck Mahal?)

Our overdone coop is complete and in place, waiting for the fencing to be put around it so the chicks will have a nice area to roam around when they’re not helping de-bug my garden.  We’ve situated it at the back side of the house where there clearly was supposed to have been a deck built (there is a door in our living room that opens onto a good 8 or 10 foot drop).   It’s a fairly sheltered spot weather – wise and I think as close to the house as it is it will help deter some of the predators a bit.


There are advantages to having a big Bobcat.  Even though it hardly ever functions properly.  I’m just sayin’.  Paul built the coop in the garage and then hauled it into place via heavy machinery.  The red was my idea – I like it.


Getting it into place was a tad tricky considering the slope of the land in the back.  We also scared away a bunch of blue – tailed skinks during this operation.  Having them around is a good thing – they’ll feast on any termites that might decide to set up residence in your home.


Ta da!!!  Chicken palace!  (See the “door to nowhere up there between the two big windows and to the right of the hanging birdfeeder?)


Why Yes!  Room service and maid are included in this luxury suite!  And look!  Snacks!  Those little ants that unwisely decided to converge on the food dish were dee-lish!

Finishing touches aside, this project is done! And speaking of dee-lish, check this out:


I have been on a bit of a cooking and baking jag of late, and this was one of the successes.  The crust is from Smitten Kitchen, the pastry cream is from the Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, and then I just sliced up some strawberries to top it.  We polished it off in no time!  I can’t wait to make more, but I am sure my waistline doesn’t really need it, considering I’ll end up eating more than my fair share of it.

The last gfew days have been slow in the kitchen though, due to it being abnormally busy around these parts for a rainy week.

Sunday we went to the ice park in town for a birthday party and the girls spent a good 2 hours skating and goofing around with their buddies who live just across the road from us.


Let me tell you, I adore these girls (and their parents!).  They are so well behaved, and it really rubs off on my girls so that we can have easy play dates with no one fighting or whining or crying.  What a relief!  You know.  Until we get home and their evil streaks reappear.

Wednesday we went for a walk and picnic with them and Oona insisted on walking all the way down the trail rather than ride in her stroller, and since she has squeaky shoes (“Wee Squeaks”) all we heard was squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. She had so much fun, and really wore herself out.


She fell right to sleep as soon as I put her in the car to go home.  As it turns out, we left just in time weather – wise.  Just after we got back to the house we had a nice bit of hail.  Fun fun!  It’s been chilly and raining ever since.  I’ve been working on getting all of my leftover fabric scraps in the green range together for a quilt that I hope to get to one day before I am old and senile (Senile may come first at this point, between the kids and the animals).


Jasper’s not making it easy.  Mostly because he decided to have bloody diarrhea and need to be taken to the vet.  I had to leave him overnight (all night without my boy!!!!!) for tests and observation and he came home very happily today – all medicated and waiting for some lab results.  It’s always something in this house!!!!

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