Old Farm Day (Lots of Pics)

I hope all of you have had a great weekend – mine has been even more crazypants than usual.

On to Old Farm Day!

Our county has been doing this “little” event for a few years now.  Generally it’s been a small gathering of local farmers and craftspeople showing off their wares and giving demonstrations, along with typical fair food – pork pulled barbecue, funnel cakes.  You get the idea.  A miniature style county fair.  Or, a farmer’s market on steroids, if you will.  Each year it has grown considerably.  This year the 5 minute ride to the fields took us a little over 20 minutes.  The crowds were unbelievable.  It made me happy to see so many people turning out for the fun and investing in our local community.


Oona was thrilled that we went with Veronica and her two girls (husband Heath was out hunting – first day of the season here).


We spent some time looking at paintings and photographs in small tent galleries but Neve complained rather loudly and repeatedly that she was bored.  She perked up when this nice woman allowed her to try her hand at weaving a basket for a few turns.


Oona kept following around all the dogs and babies.  She was happy that she could pet the dogs (they were all ambassador dogs from local shelters) but not so happy we wouldn’t let her hold every baby we passed.


See Emily’s new haricut?


Pony rides!


Emily wants a pony now.  Doesn’t every little girl?


Pulled pork.  A “must” indulgence.  Sadly they were out of funnel cake when I went to buy some.  The crowds were far and beyond what anyone expected.


They DID have cotton candy, which made this little girl very happy.


And all of these little girls as well.


That’s my baby.  “I has some too pees mama?”


Livestock!  We got to feed the cow!


SHEEP!!!  Aren’t they beauties?  I wanted to take them all home with me.  As it turns out, they are for sale, but I still have no place for them to be sheltered so it’ll have to wait.


I don’t know this little girl, but she has an awfully cute llama.  I wanted to take him home, too.  Hmmmmmm………

So that was Old Farm Day.  We all got a bit of color, lots of fresh air, lots of bad-for-your-body but GREAT-for your-soul kind of foods, and some exercise running after Oona.  I got to drool over some ancient Farm All and Allis – Chalmers tractors and cute animals.  We would’ve stayed until they kicked us out, but we had a busy weekend!

My buddy from bus driving days, Hattie, came over (and brought us pizza, no less!!) and we caught up a bit, hung out in our new bus for a bit and had a great time.  Oona took to her right away.  It was a lovely and full day.

Today was equally as busy.  In the morning I headed out to the next town over to pick up some new babies.


There are 4 Barred Rock girls, and 2 Rhode Island Red Girls.  They are beauties, and they should be laying eggs any time now – you know, just like the girls I already had who’ve been overdue forever now.

That rooster in the forefront is poor rescue roo Berry, or Barry, depending on how you want to say it.  He was Veronica’s chicken and when they were babies the girls named “her” Berry.  Well, she’s no she.  And poor Barry was getting seriously picked on by their other roo, Papi, who has more testosterone than any MAN should, let alone rooster.  So, we agreed to take in poor beaten down Barry and he’s pretty happy with his new gals.

While they all got to know each other out in the tractor, Paul and I were busy builsing a new coop and run for the 10 we already had.


We got it all together and got them in it around dusk and I swear it was like they were new chickens, rolling around in the dirt to clean out their feathers, chasing each other playfully and clucking in appreciation.  The guineas were especially vocal.    I put the new babies into the old coop once I had it cleaned out and freshened up.  They’re in quarantine for a bit just to be sure.  I don’t think they really need to be, but it’s a safety thing.  Birds get nasty viruses from each other rather easily.  Eventually I’ll move 2 or 3 of our new girls in the bigger pen and then Barry will have the remaining 3 or 4 girls to himself in the older coop.  Unless I can get them to all live happily together in the bigger pen.  We’ll have to wait and see.  For now, my chickens are my babies.  Hopefully I’ll get my hands on a barn or barn – like structure before too long and I can get some dairy goats, fiber goats, sheep………………………………………………

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