Happy Halloween!

The spooks are out!

We are heading out in just a bit for trick or treating, but first I thought we’d show off our pumpkins and costumes.  My little skunk is napping so only the older girls are ready.





It took a few hours to get them all carved and lit, but we had some excellent pizza and The Nightmare Before Christmas on dvd.  If I’d had time to plan it properly I’d be capping off the evening with some old Hitchcock movies and a bottle of red wine, but alas, it’s been too busy ’round here.


Princess.  This is, in fact, the dress she wore to her uncle’s wedding a few weeks ago.


Coraline.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of my littlest stinker in her costume.  We’re also getting a very special delivery in the morning, and I will be sharing that with all of you as well.

Have a spooktacular night!

One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. WHAT DELIVERY???? Is it of the four-legged variety??? I will fall out of my chair if you tell me you have goats tomorrow!! The kids looks great- we got a huge haul of candy last night and I’ve already had a chocolate-infused breakfast. Cause, you know, Snickers really satisfies.

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