Let It Snow!!!

I’m sure you’ve all heard.  The DC area is getting a record snowfall.   Massive, major, never before seen in December SNOW.  Well, we’re not DC, but we’re not far from it, and we’ve gotten over 2 feet in the last 24 hours.  And it’s still falling.

I’ve been hearing horror stories – my neighbor left work yesterday at 5:30 pm – 30 miles away – and it took her almost 12 hours to get home.  Neve’s teacher fromlast year spent 7 hours coming home from a location that normally takes all of 15 minutes.  People were abandoning their cars left and right as they ran out of gas or just gave up and went on foot.   I am SO glad I went to the grovery store yesterday.  And I am sorry I made fun of all of the people there who were acting like the apocalypse was upon us (because usually here if it’s threatening even half an inch people go into a panic and buy out all the eggs and milk).   All of our roads have been closed.  I don’t know when our street will get done.  I do know that our driveway is one big snow-slide.  We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You like the view out my bedroom window?

The snow is up to my knees right now.  And it’s windy.  Brrrr.

I cracked the coop door for the chickens so I could give them some fresh food and some air circulation.  They wouldn’t come out., but Homie D Hen pecked at teh snow quite a bit.

The girls had a blast playing and throwing snow at each other.  I felt bad for them, though because we stopped buying them new snow gear a few years back since we never got any snow.  Seemed like  a waste.  So today I had to scour the house for snowpants and jackets and boots (which we only had thanks to Veronica giving me her girls’ old boots – V you are such a life saver!).  No one could find their gloves or mittens (they have them, they just like to lose them) so everyone went out with socks on their hands.

Oona wasn’t sure what to make of this crazy, cold white stuff that was taller than her.

Neve could not be made to wear a head covering of any kind.  She played hard anyway, and when she was done she came inside, put on dry jammies, curled up on the couch next to the fireplace and slept for the rest of the day. I need to try that trick more often, and on Oona.

This is just so sweet I can’t stand it.  Maddie loves her Oona. Generally, Oona can’t be bothered with Maddie.  Poor Maddie.

Now it is dark and I have spent much of the day cleaning (mostly Emily’s room.  I can’t tell you the kinds of dark thoughts I was having while I was in the thick of that).  Tomorrow was to have been the cookie exchange but it has been canceled due to the huge wall of snow that fell upon us.  Instead I am going to enjoy my almost completely clean house and try to relax for once.  Probably not, though.  Probably I’ll sew.  And knit.  And bake. And maybe try Wii Active.

I am blocking off January for sleep.  The whole month.  I am going to hibernate.  I plan on wearing nothing but jammies and lounging about for 30 days or so.  I think that’s a wonderful way to start the new year, don’t you???

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