Happy Holidays to All!

I am more serious than ever now about my promise to hibernate the entire month of January – all the cleaning, baking, more cleaning, more baking and sewing I’ve been doing has got me plum wore out!  I even broke down and got my hands on a pair of Dansko clogs because my feet were hurting so bad that my lower back was starting to ache as well.  Housework and baking in no-support slippers isn’t such a grand idea.

Our 2 and a half or so feet of snow is still mostly hanging around.  It took a good 3 or 4 days to get us plowed out and some areas of town are still pretty dicey.  The north this is not.  They can’t plow for a damn down here.  The kids loved it the first few days, when they could go out and play in it easily.

Now that it has been a few days and has gotten above freezing and then back below freezing every day and night it has created a bit of an impermeable ice – crust and playing in the snow just isn’t as fun anymore.

It sure is pretty to look at, though.

The chickens aren’t too crazy about it and haven’t really ventured out of their coops at all.  I am still getting eggs every day, however – 5 of our 6 hens are now laying – which is surprising given that the days are so cold and short and we haven’t been giving them any artificial heat or light.

Jerry and Milkshakes are taking it all in stride – especially Jerry.  Llamas being originally from the Andes where it’s cold and snowy means that he is doing A-Ok.  Our little goaty girl had trouble the first day or so with the snow being up to her chin but is faring rather well now that she can get around again and many of the pine boughs are much lower with the snow weight and she can more easily munch on them.

I’ve made chocolate chip cookies, raspberry rugelach, gingerbread cookies, macaroons, florentine cookies and butter cookies.  I’ve got to make the chocolate cream pies for tomorrow and the boule bread to go along with the lasagnas I’ll be making as well.  I’ve knit up several pairs of slippers and my sewing machine needle broke while I was finishing up some other gifts.  Still have to clean the floors and make dinner tonight.

I’m tired just thinking about it all……but that’s ok.  One more day of work and it will all pay off with satisfied kids and guests.

And Maddie can’t wait for the Snuggie I got her.

Merry Christmas, all – see you back here soon!

One thought on “Happy Holidays to All!

  1. I’m having a 3rd bloody mary this morning in your honor, because other than baking a loaf of bread today, I Am Done. Husband will ‘build’ the antipasto (which means cutting up cheeses and rolling meats), the kids will ‘arrange’ olives and peppers and stuffed mushrooms (already cooked), and I will be passed out on the couch. I swear, I’m only moving today to eat and pee! Your turn next, kid!

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