Getting Walloped Again

We’re snowed in today, and most likely all weekend.  We’re expecting about 2 feet of snow, which means the kids won’t ever go to school again.  Funny.  Where I grew up (upstate NY) we’d have had to go to school in this mess.  Personally I really enjoy the snow, but I do have to say that here in central Virginia they are so very ill – equipped to manage it that it makes things difficult at best.  It’s beautiful to look at……but there isn’t any food left in the grocery stores or gas left at the service stations.,……if you can even find any that are open.  No mail will be delivered until the roads are cleared (that may take several days) and school won’t open until even the back country roads are passable by bus.

So here we stay and enjoy it as best we can.  Baking cookies, breaking up fights between sisters, watching Spongebob, sewing, knitting.  And fixing fences.  A big branch came down on the fence way out back and had to be cleared.  Simple electric wires and mesh (what we have) is generally more than adequate for this region… would never work up in the north country.  That’s been a bit of a pain, but we got to chop up some pine branches for Milkshakes and she was more than happy to dispose of it for us.

Speaking of goats…..remember that whole goat giveaway I entered back in the fall?  It was sponsored by Shepherd Susie over at Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm.  Since the giveaway she has relocated along with her flock……to about 5 minutes down the road from me.  Seriously.  How weird is that???  It’s actually pretty great because now there is someone very close by that I can go to for goat advice.

I love little chicken prints in the snow.

Also, to all you Amy Butler Fans and sewing enthusiasts: Amy Butler has a computer program out now with a bunch of great projects on it.  It looks great – you can customize your projects and visually plan them all out right on your pc.  I am all over it baby.

2 thoughts on “Getting Walloped Again

  1. I can’t believe you posted chicken tracks! I have the same pictures but figured people would think I like my chickens just a bit too much.

    So… are you telling me there are angora goats just down the road from you? I can’t find an angora anywhere around here and I’d still love to have 2 (or 10).

    And… I’ve heard about that Amy Butler program but was waiting to see what others had to say about it. Sounds really cool!

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