Gratuitous Goat and Sheep Post

We did something fun and wonderful this afternoon.  We hopped over to Juniper Moon Farm and met Shepherd Susie and the flock.

She had two angora goat kids born on Sunday and since we live so close (and I’ve been pestering her with lots of goat birthing questions) she invited us all over to see them.

Their names are Gonzo and Camilla, and little Mr. Gonzo is about the snuggliest little thing you’ll ever see.

Camilla is a little smaller and a little more attached to her mama, so she wasn’t as pliable in human hands as her brother.

Sabine welcomed us and chased Neve all around.  Neve looked a bit frightened, but on the way home said she wished Sabine were her dog.

I love this goat – his name is Roquefort. Like the cheese.  Is he not totally handsome?

Sheep!  My girls made it hard to get any great pics – I was keeping one eye on them the whole time since I think they were approaching “fun overload” with all those animals (Emily kept chasing all the chickens around) and of course I still need a good camera.   But I looooove the sheep.  If I had some pasture, I’d be all over some lambs this year.  Especially after I saw her Baby Doll sheep, Daisy.  Daisy is not in this picture, but she is the cutest of all cute sheep ever and I want like 3 dozen of her.

And Susie?  Could not have been nicer.  I got some great goat info and I feel better knowing she’s just around the corner to help out if we run into trouble with Milkshakes.  We also met Lauria and Erin – those of you who read the Juniper Moon Farm blog will know who they are.

It was such a cool thing that I went from drooling over her blog last year when she was still on Martha’s Vineyard to actually having her live right down the road from us.  It really is a small world after all.

And I am very glad it is.

And here’s a shout out to Marie Grace because I am pretty sure I heard about Susie’s blog from her.

4 thoughts on “Gratuitous Goat and Sheep Post

  1. Amy, it was great to meet you and your three lovely daughters! They’re all beautiful and there’s another great shot of Neve that I’ll send you. They really loved those babies!

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